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Faith City School Curriculum

After using the Interact Curriculum for over 10 years we decided we needed to make our curriculum more relevant to the students at Faith City and to our community’s needs. This includes learning related to our local community.

We have written a four-year cycle and have completed the trail of this programme. We will continue to adjust this programme to suit the needs of our Students.

We are using the Interact Curriculum as a bases for our Devotions programme and as a resource for Social Sciences, Science, Technology and Health units.

We have become a PB4L schoolwide school, and we are basing our behavioural management programme on PB4L principles


The curriculum is on a 4-year rotational cycle

In 2018 (Year B) our Themes are:

Term 1- God is a Peacemaker, Term 2- God is Forgiving, Term 3- God is Generous, Term 4- God is all Powerful

In 2019 (Year C) our Themes will be:

Term 1- God is our Source, Term 2- God is Loving, Term 3- God is Wise,  Term 4- God is at Work

In 2020 (Year D) our Themes will be:

 Term 1- God is the Owner of the Earth, Term 2 - God is Faithful,  Term 3- God is our Provider, Term 4- God is Calling Us

 In 2021 (Year A) our Themes will be:

Term 1- God is Creative, Term 2- God is One God, Term 3- God is Holy and Pure, Term 4- God is Truthful