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History – Interviews 

Student Experience 

As a former student of Faith City School I can definitely say that it was an amazing school.  I spent all my primary and intermediate years there.  The teachers were fantastic and always put in a lot of effort toward teaching us. They also cared about every student that they teach, focusing not only on education but key life skills as well.  All the teachers have their strengths and use them to the best of their abilities (Mrs Little is the maths maestro).  There were so many good opportunities, from school camps to the musical and we made the most of them all.

Kate – attended from 2012 to 2020

Interview with the past Principal – Mr Allot

In 1978 the church now known as Faith City Church planned for a Christian school in Whanganui.  The church did not agree with some of what was being taught in public state schools around Whanganui and the country.  So they decided to start this school. Firstly, they purchased the land behind the church which included a farm house which is now the library/office.  It started with the only classroom being the church hall; the seats and desks were packed away every Friday and brought out again every Monday.

The school started in 1979 with a role of 25 students and one teacher (our past Principal Allan Allot).  At this time the school started at year 0 and went up to year 13, during this time the students were being taught out of the A.C.E. curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education) which lets the children work at their own pace.  Currently we teach the Interact Curriculum.

In 1980 the primary part was officially registered.  Unfortunately in 1987 the High School section was closed down.

The school was originally called Wanganui Christian Academy before being changed to Springvale Christian Academy.  The school had no uniform until 1980 and the uniform has changed several times.

Between 1992 and 1994 the school went up to 4th form.  In 1995 Faith Academy became an integrated state school.

By Caleb (Year 8) & Rhys (Year 7)

Student Experience 

We interviewed a past student from Faith Academy now known as Faith City School.

He was at the school in 1979-1982.  The school back then was small, the class rooms were all together in the hall. The different years were divided into different sections of the hall.

The seniors had to come early on Monday morning to set up the hall and on Friday they had to stay after school to put it all away.

He enjoyed the school because everyone was friendly and the musicals were great.  But there was not enough sport.  The sports they played was volleyball and soccer.

They followed the A.C.E curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education).  They had no uniform for about the first year, and then they got a uniform.

The most memorable moments were the musicals and school camps.  He said that he learnt that once you were a Christian you are a Christian for the rest of your life and also to get closer to God.  The thing that contributed most to his life was growing up with Christian friends.  He still has stuff to do with the school and he is on the Board of Trustees.

By Jessica & Andrea