Primary Enterprise Programme – PrEP

One of our Key Principles is ‘Relating to Real Life’ so that students see that learning equips them to be valuable members of the global community.

The Primary Enterprise Programme is a Triennial event which gives students the opportunity to run their own “businesses” in a mini-market society which provides real-life experience in a safe and nurturing environment. Students have the opportunity to become C.E.O.’s or employees; they prepare curriculum vitae and letters of application for various jobs, go through interview processes and earn wages which they spend on Market Day. The children elect their own Mayor.

The PrEP Programme is usually held for one whole term of school (10 Weeks). During this time the students learn many skills that are integrated across all curriculum areas. Curriculum areas such as Social Sciences, Mathematics, English, Science & Technology are among some of the areas that students learn and apply skills while they are participating in PrEP. At the end of the term (in Week 10) students have a Market Day where they have the opportunity to market the products they had been producing to school families as well as the wider local community.

PrEP or the “Primary Enterprise Programme’ was last held in Term 3, 2015 with the next planned PrEP scheduled for 2018.

On Market Day in Term 3, 2015 there was a great family fun atmosphere with students enjoying the opportunity to market the products they had been producing and spend their wages. The variety of activities and products included a food court with delicious food, hand-made cards, gingerbread-men, wooden rubber-band guns, sherbet, jewellery, swimming bags, aprons, candles, chocolates, sweets, and hamburgers to name of few.


Selling Cook-books on Market Day


Puppets for Sale


Job Interviews