What do I do now?

If you are interested in finding out more about our school, please phone and make an appointment to come and see the Principal, Mrs Ruth McLeay. It would be a pleasure to share with you and give you any other information or advice regarding Christian Education.


As a State Integrated School of Special Character, it falls to the Proprietors of the school to provide the land and buildings that the school operates from. To fund the land and buildings, attendance dues are charged.

The school endeavours to keep costs as low as possible. The costs, per quarter are shown below:

Attendance Dues (Payable to Faith City Church)

per quarter /per year
First Child $95.00 /$380.00
2nd Child $85.00 / $340.00
3rd Child $70.00 / $280.00
4th Child $55.00 / $220.00

Activity and Resource Donation

Payable to Faith Academy by Cheque, cash, Eftpos, or Automatic Payment)

for activities and resources, such as; Christian Book purchases, Merit Shop, Photocopying Paper, Photocopying Service, Photocopying Lease, Sports Activities, Christian Education, Cultural Activities, Class Trips, Prize giving, Parenting Courses and Drama.

per quarter /per year
Each Child 45.00/180.00

Bus Fare Donation $10.00 a term