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Christian Education

Christian Schools

Investing in our Children

Children today face more powerful influences on their values, beliefs, and thinking than any previous generation.  While their grandparents, in most cases, grew up in a society that was based on an acceptance of Christian values, their parents were educated in a period that rejected Christian values and emphasised the right of individuals to make up their own minds about what is right or wrong.

Children today are powerfully influenced by computers, the mass media and by secular school teaching.  Secular thinking rejects God’s authority and allows the individual or the peer group to decide what is right or wrong.

Christian schools offer powerful assistance to Christian parents who want to educate their children to resist the pressures of the world and to grow to be effective Christian citizens who will influence the world for God.  While we cannot control what happens in society, parents do have a choice about which school their children attend and what happens in their own home.

(All quotations of scripture are from the NIV)
Written by R J Frisken
President, New Hope International Limited
Website: www.newhopeinternational.net