The curriculum is on a 4 year rotational cycle

In 2016 (Year D) our Themes are:

 Term 1- God is the Owner of the Earth, Term 2 - God is Faithful,  Term 3- God is our Provider,    Term 4- God is Calling Us


In 2017 (Year A) our Themes will be:

 Term 1- God is Creative, Term 2- God is One God, Term 3- God is Holy and Pure, Term 4- God is Truthful


In 2018 (Year B) our Themes will be:

  Term 1- God is a Peacemaker,  Term 2- God is Forgiving,  Term 3- God is Generous,  Term 4- God is all Powerful


In 2019 (Year C) our Themes will be:

  Term 1- God is our Source,  Term 2- God is Loving,  Term 3- God is Wise,  Term 4- God is at Work