A wide variety of extra mural sports are offered. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one sport a season.

In summer students can choose from the following sports:

T-ball and Slow-pitch for the younger students and Softball for the older ones, Badminton for the intermediates and Volleyball.

In Winter students can choose from Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Netball and Fun Ferns for the younger girls. Students are also able to join the local clubs for Rugby.


ymcaPhysical Education

From 2009 we have had the privilege of having the YMCA tutors working in our school one day a week

We have swimming terms 1 and term 4. Students are bussed to the Splash Centre down the road.



parachuteSuper Six Sport

Year seven and eight students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports with the other schools who have students in years seven and eight. These sports include netball, soccer, squash, badminton, softball and swimming.