Education outside the Classroom

Our students are given many opportunities each and every year to experience Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC). In previous years trips have included; Museum Trips, City Library and Art Gallery Trips, Trips to see visiting performers, Marae Visits, Sports Activities such as Super Six Competitions and Cross Country, Farm Trips, Visits to the Fire Station, Visits to other schools Musical Productions and Leadership Training Days and many more.

During Term 1 2016 all students at Faith City School attended two beach day trips which linked in with the curriculum study for Term 1 “God is the Owner of the Earth.”  Students learnt about the ocean and the many diverse and amazing creatures and plant-life that live in the water and on our shore-lines.

Surf to Schools

Faith City School sees that there is a need to train our children in Water Safety and as part of this we arranged Surf Life-Saving to take both Theory and Practical Water Safety Lessons in February this year via the Surf to Schools Programme. Students at Faith City School participated in Theory Lessons at school as well as a Beach Trip to a local beach where they were given practical “In the Water” safety lessons. This programme was run by Surf Lifesaving NZ in Term 1 2016.

School Camps

Senior Students (Years 5-8)

Every two years our Senior Students from Years 5-8 are given the opportunity to attend a school camp in the last term of that year. Senior Camps are usually 4 days (and three nights) long. The latest School Camp was held at Vertical Horizons in Inglewood at the end of the 2014 school year. Our students really enjoy the experiences that they are offered on these camps. Students are extended physically, socially and academically on these camps. School Camps are very popular with all of our students.

Parents are asked to contribute to the cost of Camp for their children, however the school does put some funding towards the cost of the camp to off-set some of the costs for our parents. The next school camp is scheduled to take place at the end of 2016.

 Junior Students (Years 1-4)

Every two years our Junior Students from Years 1-4 are given the opportunity to attend a day trip to Ruakawa Falls in conjunction with the YMCA in the last term of that year. Junior Day Trips are usually 1 full day. Students travel to and from Ruakawa Falls by Bus leaving from School quite early in the morning and returning after dinner in the evening. The latest School Day trip to Ruakawa for our Junior Students was held at the end of the 2014 school year. Parents are asked to pay a small amount to cover the cost of transport to and from Ruakawa. The next Junior trip is scheduled to take place at the end of 2016.